The procedure of transferring apartments Diamond Island for rent

Steps to carry out transfer procedures Diamond Island for rent customers need to know.

“For households, individuals or organizations that do not have the function of conducting real estate business, Other organizations and individuals must also comply with the following regulations:

a) If they have received houses from investors, they must buy and sell houses in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Housing Law and the Law. Civil law (the seller must have a house ownership certificate granted by a competent agency and the contract must be signed by the parties to the house purchase and sale contract)

b) If have not been handed over the house from the investor, they are allowed to transfer the house purchase and sale contract as provided for in Clause 1, Article 20 of this Circular without having to pass through the trading floor. Real estate projects. ”

Diamond Island for rent

Currently, Diamond Island for rent project is in the process of being completed and will be handed over to customers in the third quarter of 2018.

Thus, handing over the apartment from the owner is completely entitled to transfer his apartment. What are the procedures and procedures for transferring an apartment?

Step 1: Once the two parties have agreed on all matters relating to the Diamond Villa transfer agreement: Selling price, tax, fee, handover … enter into a transfer agreement. The transferor will have to contact the investor Diamond Island to confirm the transfer of the apartment.

Step 2: When the investor provides the Transferor with a “certificate of transfer of the Diamond Island for rent”, the transferor and the assignee shall together go to the notary office to sign the official sale contract.

Step 3: After signing the contract of notarization, the transferor shall declare the procedures for personal income tax relating to the transfer of the apartment mentioned above. The tax rate is 2% of the transfer value. The law requires that the transferor pay the tax.

The transferee must pay a registration tax. This tax = 0.5% of the transfer value.

Step 4: After the tax payment is completed, the transferee will hold the sale contract original, invoices related documents, notarized sale contract … Remind the owner to let the investor name on the new contract to the transferee. From here all ownership of the apartment belongs to the new owner. “End of transfer of apartment”.

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