Panoramic Diamond Island district 2, the project benefited from the bridge 500 billion

Diamond Island district 2 is located on the junction of the Saigon River and the river Giong Ong, District 2. Previously, to enter the island, people have to go by road because of the unique aspects are the river.

Panoramic Diamond Island district 2

Diamond Island district 2, where investments 6 apartment blocks for rent in Ho Chi Minh. This island is the local government auction of land use rights and Pte Binh Thien An entity has won possession and deployment of construction projects in 2008 with six high-rise blocks.

Diamond Island district 2

Diamond Island district 2 with tears on the Saigon River are about 8 hectares, surrounded by the Saigon River and Giong Ong. Bridge project through Diamond Island, District 2 lies on the route along the Saigon River will connect the Thu Thiem new urban and residential areas newly HCMC Thanh My Loi started on 7/9. The bridge is expected to be a salvage solve traffic congestion Thu Thiem, while bringing value direct to the property in the island and surrounding areas.

Diamond Island district 2, project consists of 6 apartment blocks sizes 16-25 floors, total surface area of ​​over 122,000 deployed m2 contest, with 313 apartments and an area used as a hotel, located in the manufacturing center island. Total investment of nearly 1,900 billion VND project. Phase 1 of the project was delivered and put into use 250 luxury apartment tower called The Brilliant.

In 2012, this project had been detected with irregularities 1-2 storey building bulk each block with a total construction area is 2899.6 m2 illegally. At that time, the project is considered as luxury apartments and the most expensive City in particular and the country in general. Cheap apartments here are up to 5-6 billion, with apartments also be blown up to 3-4 million USD.Toan soup Diamond Island, noi projects will benefit from the bridge 500 companies

Panoramic Diamond Island district 2, projects have been invested, the current operators, the edge of the river is the area of ​​green space. Most residents living in Diamond Island is a foreigner, located on the river boat business nhan.Ben Giong Ong. Residents living on the island moved by two main directions of waterways with water taxi service free shuttle; Road through the Dong Van Cong Mai Chi Tho the avenue.

Diamond Island project phase 2 – by corporations Kusto Home Investment – consists of 5 towers named 5 world famous island are: Hawaii, Bora Bora, Maldives, Bahamas and Canary. This naming is an implied message of investor Kusto Home on Diamond Island turned into resort islands. Canal divided island covered with dirt and weeds are investing a bridge for residents and transporting building materials to the construction inside.

In addition, nearly 500 billion bridge which has just commenced outside HCMC solve traffic problems will have an impact on the region when connecting new urban area of ​​Thu Thiem and Thanh My Loi residential area. Investors spent 85% of the project to build a natural greenery, and about 15% to build apartment towers with 6 cluster level.


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