Officially open the “Diamond Bridge over Diamond Island HCMC” worth 500 billion

On May 30, 2018, the ceremony to open the “Bridge over Diamond Island HCMC” worth 500 billion. On the route along the Saigon River, the section from Thanh My Loi residential area to Mai Chi Tho street, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

After nearly 10 months of construction, morning 30/5 bridge across Diamond Island, Urban Transport No. 2 (Department of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City) as an investor, with a total capital of nearly 500 billion, officially opened.

The bridge through Diamond Island HCMC worth 500 billion VND after the traffic will reduce the traffic pressure for Dong Van Cong, people from District 2 to the city center will be more favorable.

Diamond Island HCMC

Also according to Urban Traffic Management No.2, the bridge over the Giong Ong To River is 291.3m long and 22m wide with 4 lanes. Total construction value of 347 billion from the budget of the city combined with a capital contribution of enterprises benefiting from the project.

  • The project was jointly invested by Thanh Phat Construction Company Limited – Dat
  • Phuong Joint Stock Company – IDICO Petroleum Construction Investment Joint Stock Company.
  • The construction of the green system will continue to be completed.

North through the island’s first diamond 1 point followed riverwalk bridge Saigon in a residential area of 30 hectares in Binh Khanh Ward. The last point of the river along the Sai Gon River in Thanh My Loi Ward. According to Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transportation, right after the bridge, traffic direction in this area is divided as follows:

  1. The direction of flow from Sai Gon to Cat Lai ferry:

– Saigon River tunnel ➡ Mai Chi Tho ➡ D1 ➡ Diamond Bridge ➡ Bat Nong ➡ Truong Van Bang ➡ Phan Van Dang ➡ Dong Van Cong ➡ Nguyen Thi Dinh ➡ Cat Lai ferry.

– Saigon River tunnel ➡ Mai Chi Tho ➡ D1 ➡ Kim Cuong Island ➡ Bat Nan ➡ Dong Van Cong ➡ Nguyen Thi Dinh ➡ Cat Lai ferry.

  1. Direction from Cat Lai ferry to Cat Lai ferry:

➡ Nguyen Thi Dinh ➡ Dong Van Cong ➡ Phan Van Dang ➡ Truong Van Bang ➡ Bat Nàn ➡ Kim Cuong island ➡ D1 ➡ Mai Chi Tho ➡ Sai Gon River Tunnel.

Located in the area of Binh Trung Tay Ward (District 2), Diamond Island HCMC is about 8 hectares surrounded by Saigon River and Giong Ong. The island was held by the HCM City People’s Committee to auction land use rights, Binh Thien An Joint Stock Company won the project and won the project in 2008.

The island project Kim Cuong invested nearly 1.9 trillion, including 6 blocks of 16-25 stories, the total floor area of over 122,000 m2, 313 apartments and a part of the area used for hotels and commercial centers in the center of the island.

At present, phase one of the project has handed over and put into use 250 luxury apartments called The Brilliant Tower. Residents here are mostly middle-class, well-off and foreigners.

The entrance from Thanh My Loi Ward is built with 2 lanes. The project also embankment along the river, the road along the Saigon River connecting the existing riverside and lighting systems, trees … (photo source:

After the vehicle, the unit continues to complete the landscape, lighting, paving stone sidewalks … the two sides. A number of projects around the area have been completing infrastructure to build the works.

Diamond Island hcmc


If you need to buy apartments to live, Diamond Island HCMC is a very ideal choice:

Bridge to Kim Cuong Imperial City has created an extremely convenient transportation system, greatly increased the price. The apartment is

located in the heart of district 2. Modern transportation system both road and water

+ Under the master plan for building District 2 to 2020, the main road north-south of District 2, has a planned road from 25-30m, with 6 lanes, which functions to connect residential areas north of Hanoi Highway with residential area Thanh My Loi. On this axis there is a bridge crossing Giong Ong To River and the canal at Giong Ong To canal through the land of Kim Cuong island project.

+ Inherit all modern facilities outside of existing Thu Thiem urban area, the administrative center of District 2 from schools at all levels, international schools, hospitals to sports centers, commercial centers…

+ Environment fresh, airy, large green piece, 3 river surface air conditioning and construction density of only 15%.

+ The system of internal superiority to meet all the needs of life in the project. Especially there are facilities for children and families, promising to bring unique experiences for the whole family such as water parks, yachts, outdoor library, observatory, music academy …

Smart decision – picking up the future and increasing profitability.

+ The project is located in the east of Saigon – the area will develop strongly in the future with key projects, especially the formation Special Economic Zone in District 2 will be favorable for the socio-economic development in general and increase the value of real estate in particular.

+ In addition to special economic zones, the transport infrastructure is more modern and synchronous in the area will promote, increase more attractive motive for real estate in the East.

+ Especially, the apartment of Diamond Island HCMC has 3 sides adjacent Saigon River, the market is popular with real estate products along the river, is also important factors to increase the value of the project to 10-20%.

+ Vietnam to join TPP, District 2 is also a place to attract foreign investors. Thus, the demand for high-end housing for foreign engineers and professionals will increase and projects like Diamond Island will be a great destination for this demand.

With the above reasons, you will be able to see the great potential of Diamond Island HCMC, both an ideal retreat and long-term investment opportunity.

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