How to pay Diamond Island district 2 project?

The progress of payment Diamond Island district 2 project through the opening of the customer is very flexible. Payment schedule Canary Tower is different from the previous tower? This article will give you information about how to pay Canary.

Diamond Island district 2

Payment schedule Apartment Diamond Island district 2

Canary is the last tower is expected to open in late August 1818 at Diamond Island district 2 project payment method is Kusto Home as follows:

Currently, the trading floor is accepting the Diamond Diamond apartment with a goodwill reserve of VND200 million / unit. This amount will be refunded if you do not choose to be satisfied at the opening date. (7 – 14 days).

  • Opening day: Non-refundable deposit.
  • Session 1: Pay 25% – including 200 million. (payment within 14 days after the sale).
  • 2nd payment: 10% of apartment value. (after 60 days of payment phase 1)
  • Phase 3: Payment of 15% of the apartments (after 60 days of payment phase 2)
  • This is also the time of handing over the house – pay an extra 2% Maintenance fee when receiving the handover.
  • Stage 4: Payment of 10% of the apartment value (after 60 days from the payment of the third payment)
  • Stage 5: Payment of 10% of the apartment value (60 days after the payment of the 4th)
  • installment payment of 10% of the apartment value (60 days after the payment of the fifth)
  • installment payment of 15% of the apartment value (60 days after the payment of the sixth).
  • installment apartment (after receiving pink book)

Project Diamond Island district 2 Techcombank stand guarantee, supported loans up to 70%. If you choose the maximum loan package from the bank 70%, you only need about 25% of the apartment value, satisfying the loan request from the bank is able to own an apartment on Diamond Island. Low-interest rate support and the grace period of 1 year.

This is also an opportunity for rental investors to invest, with special support from the bank. The issue of rental investment we share is quite specific in the article: How to invest in renting apartments Diamond Island is effective?


Sale incentives for Canary – Diamond Island district 2

At the opening ceremony: the investor has organized a lucky draw program to apply to attendees.

1 first prize – travel for two people by 5-star boat worth 60 million.

2-second prizes – 20 million tourist vouchers

Promotion for Canary Tower customers:

  • 6% discount for customers paying 95% of apartment value.
  • Offering a five-year management fee to customers applying a standard billing schedule. (Not applicable to customers who support loans from banks).

Legal and time of handover Canary – Diamond Island district 2

The project Diamond Island district 2 is invested by Kusto Home, Phase 2, is one of the investors with strong economic potential. The total value of the Kusto Group’s assets has reached $ 1 billion (2017 statistics).

  • Creates a solid legal foundation for the project.
  • Ownership duration: long term for Vietnamese customers
  • The term of ownership: 50 years for long-term foreign customers.
  • Red book when paying 100% of the apartment value.

Diamond Island district 2 investors have been present in nine countries in Asia. Has been deployed a lot of housing projects, real estate resort in Vietnam with quality, timely delivery time home. Secured by Techcombank.