How to buy the best Diamond Island apartment in district 2

Diamond Island apartment, Owning a luxury apartment is a dream of so many people. However, choosing and deciding to buy an apartment is not easy, even if the financial ability is not a prerequisite. Some experience and note will give you an overview to get the most accurate decision, whether it is to buy or to invest.

1. Position

It is said that this is the first factor to make a decision. District 2 is considered the golden point of the East when most of the major projects are developed here. Projects that are 10-15 minutes away from the city center are considered to be ideal, especially in Binh Trung Tay and Thanh My Loi areas. The change is not light with a margin of 14-56%.

Diamond Island apartment

2. Environment & Infrastructure

This is the second important factor that is considered when high-end projects specifically highlight the fresh environment. This is also considered a factor to increase the ranking of the project when the density of construction is associated with the rate of green trees will ensure a healthy life and health for residents. The high-end riverside project with airy vision, green space, always attracts a large number of customers to visit and transaction.

Diamond Island apartment, Infrastructure in District 2 is being built and completed at a rapid pace as a series of large transportation projects such as metro, highway, bridge over Diamond Island … are deployed. Choosing the right project will increase the value of your apartment in the future.

3. Utilities

For high-end apartment projects, the utilities are one of the reasons for attracting customers, and it is also a competitive advantage among projects in the same segment. Some of the attractive amenities you can find are: saltwater pool, BBQ garden, spa and sports complex, children’s water park, Zen garden, green park, supermarket, restaurant, In addition, other factors such as security system, fire alarm system, parking … are also considered. In addition to the outstanding facilities, Diamond Island is considered as a special project with a backup electricity system with the area of 2.300m2 using the largest salt electrolyte technology in Vietnam.

Luxury Marina – One of the exclusive facilities at Diamond Island apartment

In addition, you should note the choice of projects adjacent to the facilities such as schools, hospitals, commercial areas, restaurants, cinemas … to facilitate daily activities.

4. Apartment Design

This is considered to be the factor that strongly influences your decision to buy. Whether an apartment is 1,2 or 3, 4 bedrooms, medium or large area must be arranged reasonable and flexible for daily activities. High-end projects with special emphasis on finishing materials and accessories are imported and used by well-known brands. A number of large projects have also handed over the apartments with imported Marble floors, Daikin ceiling fans, Kohler sanitary wares and bathroom accessories. to maximize the amount of natural light to each apartment.

In particular, the large area apartments suitable for the homeowners who love the spacious, airy as well as the favorable view of the river or the city center are always welcome investors because of the rare and unique.

5. Owner

You should choose an investor with a reputation, prestige and strong financial strength to ensure the progress of construction, the legal status of the project, as well as construction quality, must be primary care. To evaluate the reputation of the owner, you can consider the sales factor, the percentage of apartments booked after each sale will show the attractiveness of the project to the market.

Large developers will have experience in project development, especially with foreign developers who will have the advantage of managing real estate when applying international standards. This will help to improve the quality of your life, ensuring a comfortable and comfortable life.

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