Diamond Island for lease – “island” for families

After the success of creating class living standards in stage 1, stage 2 Diamond Island for lease continues to bring a whole new lifestyle for the family prospered. With many excellent facilities for children, parents, and grandparents and optimizing apartment area, creating green spaces, wide open, Diamond Island is getting a lot of positive feedback from customers.

Living environment close to nature

Diamond Island for lease possesses the advantage that no current projects and later get: 3 sides river location in District 2. The Islanders can just enjoy the open space around just watching look the most modern buildings of the city. Diamond Island separated completely with smoke and dust and the din of the city, providing private life and peaceful residents.

In terms of increasing environmental pollution and odor problems exacerbated in densely populated areas, fresh air has become imperative standards for successful people.

Diamond Island for lease

Home Kusto investors invested in air quality. In conditions of limited land, the greening rate at Diamond Island up to 86.5%, increasing green density up 16,2m2 / person, 8x green density HCMC. In addition, Feng Shui dragon vitality receptor thereby continents and natural riverside location, Diamond Island atmosphere bring fresh, healthy for island residents.

  • Island residents only have the right to take advantage of green space accounts for 86.5% of the island
  • Only Diamond Island residents have the right to take advantage of green space accounted for 86.5% of the island

Not only that, with large green areas, Diamond Island brings healthy living space for the whole family. Children can run and jump and fly a kite on the grass instead of the input jack of electronic technology, grandparents have good space for athletes, parents are relaxed after a long working day in the city.

Unique location at Diamond Island for lease when buying apartments, people wholly owned green space, not stopping at the area of the apartment. This means that only people on the island, not anyone else, have the right to take advantage of this ideal green space. This is the security and privacy that most successful parents always searching.

Perfect internal facility be “tailored” to each member

Aims to build “islands” dedicated to the family, an internal facility at Diamond Island for lease style resort and be “tailored” to each member of the family, including grandparents, father mother, and child.

The system to the 2.300m2 swimming pool. Pool with a resort-style oasis in the center, surrounded by green coconut palms. This is where my family drops between “sun, sea green,” as in a sea travel without going far. In addition, the park along the river around the island will bring green space and help the residents just enjoy the coffee flavor passionate about the luxury coffee chain, just watching the beautiful scenery of the city.

Garden barbecue on a long green lawn is ideal for large organizations spend family party games for all members. Children can enjoy kite flying, while parents and grandparents enjoy fine dining at the campus of the “island”.

Mindful of the development and needs of youth, Diamond Island also build community living room – where they meet friends, exchange of common interests and expand relations. The complex includes tennis sports, basketball, badminton … will be a destination not to be missed if families want physical training, morale weekend.

Wide open spaces to make the connection comes with internal facility perfect, project Apartment Diamond Island for lease will turn the series on living here of all members of the family to a vacation busy laughter and joy.

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