Diamond Island – Apartment for rent in district 2

Diamond Island apartment for rent in district 2 includes 5 towers named after 5 most beautiful islands in the world: Hawaii, Bora Bora, Malpes, Bahamas, and Canary. This naming supports the message from Kusto Home about their wish to turn Diamond Island into an ideal resort island.

Why Should you rent this diamond island apartment?

Mr. Murat Utemisov, Chairman of Kusto Home said: “From my personal perspective, besides exclusive location and luxurious design, the factor that decides the level of a real estate project is the building density, green space and then followed with high-quality facilities.”

Together with the green density of the whole island, the design of apartment for rent in district 2 is similar to a mini resort villa, 100% of the apartments have natural light with big units owning “double views living room”. As a whole, 80% of Hawaii tower apartments will have river views, the other 20% will have garden and pool views.

Diamond Island district 2 possesses an exclusive advantage over other luxury apartment projects in Vietnam, which is its location is on the one and only private island located right in the middle of District 2. For residents of Diamond Island, it only takes 15 minutes to travel by either car or water taxi to the center of the city.

Understanding that family is the core of Vietnamese cultural values, especially when it comes to the future of their children, Kusto Home pledges to create an ideal living space for all 3 generations: grandparents, parents, and children with customized facilities for the family.

Apartment for rent in district 2

Diamond island apartment for rent in district 2

Apartment for rent in district 2:

+ 1 bedroom, 86 – 98 sqm, for rent: $1300 – $1500/ month.
+ 2 bedrooms, 83 – 180 sqm, for rent: $1300 – $2500/ month.
+ 3 bedrooms, 150 – 250 sqm, for rent: $2200 – $4000/ month.
+ 4 bedrooms, 200 – 220 sqm, for rent: $3000 – $3800/ month.
+ 5 bedrooms (duplex), 400 sqm, for rent: $6500 – $7000/ month.


+ Swimming pool (Kids and adults)
+ Gym
+ Tennis and Badminton
+ Outdoor Fitness
+ Supermarket
+ Children’s playground
+ International Preschool
+ BBQ area
+ Backup power
+ 24/7 security

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