Apartment evaluation Diamond Island district 2- advantage and challenge

Diamond Island district 2 is the only luxury apartment project in Saigon owns 3 sides bordering the river with the perfect living environment. With outstanding advantages from location, utility system and civilized community bring more emotions when visiting the project. This article shares personal views when assessing Diamond Island apartments, analyzing the advantages and challenges of the project. Hope to help readers when considering the project is considered the most worth living this Saigon. The article includes the following sections: 1. Overview of the Diamond Island project 2. Location evaluation of the Diamond Island project 3. Differences in the Diamond Island system 4. Analysis of the selling price Payment Method 5. Analysis of investment opportunities in Diamond Island 6. Review of life on Diamond Island.

Diamond Island district 2

Overview of Diamond Island project – Diamond Island district 2

♦ Total project area: 8 ha – 3 sides bordering the big river.

Construction density: 13.5% – 1275 units from 1 to 4 bedrooms.

Stage 1: 250 Brilliant Tower: handed over year.

♦ Phase 2: 1025 units, handover all quarter 3/2018

♦ Investor: Kusto Home Group

♦ General contractor: Coteccons Group

♦ Bank Guarantee: Techcombank

♦ Construction progress: Top-floor full phase 2. Hand over all quarter 3/2018.

With a construction density of only 13.5%, Diamond Island district 2 is currently the largest residential project with the highest density of trees in the city of Saigon up to 16.2 m2 / person, bringing peaceful living space close to nature.

When we arrived at Diamond Island, we noticed that many foreigners lived and worked here. According to our observation, every afternoon, the saltwater pool on the 3rd floor of the Brilliant Court is crowded with residents choosing to relax at the end of their workday, watching the sunset of Saigon. Life here brings a very peaceful feeling relaxed.

Assessment of location Diamond Island district 2

IslandIsland is the only project with 3 sides bordering the river and is considered the only island of Saigon. The living environment here is really the dream of many people in modern life today.

When coming to Diamond Island district 2, we can watch the Saigon River softly, enjoy the cool fresh air beside the green canopy. From here, visitors can admire the sunset at Bitexco court symbol Saigon and the future also has the 86-storey Empire Tower – the new symbol of Vietnam – beautiful.

Not only bring a green, fresh and private environment, Diamond Island district 2 also has convenient access roads.

♦ Diamond Island ⇔ Mai Chi Tho ⇔ Center Q1: 15 minutes

♦ Diamond Island ⇔ Mai Chi Tho ⇔ Binh Thanh: 20 minutes

♦ Diamond Island ⇔ Ho Chi Minh City-Long Thanh ⇔ Hi-Tech Park Q9: 10 minutes

♦ Diamond Island ⇔ Mai Chi Tho ⇔ Thu Thiem New Town: 5 minutes

We value Diamond Island unique position in Ho Chi Minh City at the same time factors: travel time + living environment + privacy.

The biggest weakness of the current Diamond Island district 2 is Dong Van Cong is still many container cars passing through to enter the port of Cat Lai.

However, according to our assessment, this is the great advantage of Diamond Island. The reason is that Dong Van Cong road has many large vehicles, so the price of Diamond Island is now “cheaper” than the real value.

In addition, we realize that most container trucks are moving into Cat Lai port by ring road 2. Only 2 years, when completing the intersection of My Thuy (currently rushing construction), then All containers will move by Ring Road, Dong Van Cong Street will no longer carry large trucks.

Another plus point is the bridge connecting Diamond Island with Mai Chi Tho Avenue was just started on September 7 past. Although many customers complained about the bridge, it would have lost the privacy of the project, but this was the most anticipated bridge and it would be a real boost to the value of the project. The relocation of the Diamond Island residents becomes much easier.

The special location of the project makes many outstanding differences:

♦ 3 sides bordering the river bring a green environment, fresh, avoid smoke pollution.

♦ Complete infrastructure, open traffic. There are many residents living.

♦ Beside Diamond Island, there are big projects: Thu Thiem New Urban Area, Administrative District 2 and Thanh My Loi residential areas are completing to make Thu Thiem an administrative and economic center. of HCMC. Ho Chi Minh metropolitan model of the area.

► The potential of the project is very clear. Matching investment demand, especially buyers to stay and work in Q1, Q2, Binh Thanh and high-tech zone Q9.

The difference in Diamond Island district 2 Utilities – Quality of life.

The only island in Saigon, 3 large riverfront, always in the fresh air atmosphere brings a desirable living environment.

The difference with other projects is the system of utilities in Diamond Island designed entirely on the third floor of the project. The play area is separated from the parking lot, which helps to prevent dust and to keep children safe in the play area.

Construction density is only 13.5%. Over 86% of the area (over 6 hectares) is for trees (up to 16 m2 / person) and utilities.

GYM, Olympic standard pool 2300m2, … Special Diamond Island is the only project with a free water taxi service for residents.

Managed by the world-renowned Ascott brand – operating and managing apartment rentals.

♦ 24/24 security. Security camera system installed around to ensure the safety of residents.

Analysis of the price and method of payment

The time for opening the first phase of the second phase of the project, the price Average price per square meter only from 1900 to 2200 USD / m2.

With this price, customers have more options in the vicinity:

♦ Vista Verde: Price from 35 million / m2

♦ Feliz Vista: Prices from 40 – 45 million / m2

♦ The Sun Avenue: Price from 38 million / m2

♦ Estella Hight: Price from 50-60 million / m2

♦ Vinho Golden River: Price from 45-80 million / m2

♦ Sala Thu Thiem: 50 million / m2

Diamond Island: an average of 43 million / m2.

Update Diamond Diamond prices to 22/9/2017

♦ Block Hawaii: Out of stock

♦ Block Bora Bora: Out of stock

♦ Block Bahamas: Only 10 units from 53 million / m2

♦ Block Maldives: 50 units from 65 million / m2.

If only compare the price, we see only the Feliz en Vista is the product directly compete with Diamond Island district 2. However, considering the convenience factor and position, 80% of customers are asked to choose the Diamond Island.

Even with the current price of the Maldives, our judgment is still worth buying. The Maldives is the most expensive project, the completion of the tower is the first tower to welcome the Southeast wind from the Saigon River so very cool.

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