Few can claim to have laid eyes on an island within a city. Strategically located at the heart of the District 2, Diamond Island district 2 is the only city’s Island in Ho Chi Minh city. Diamond Island offers a luxurious, healthy and safe environment that is ideal for families of all generations


diamond island

  • Name of the project: Diamond Island
  • Location: No.01 – Street No.104 – Quarter 3, Binh Trung Tay Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Area: 8ha
  • The density of building: 15%
  • Numbers of blocks: 6 blocks
  • Number of Apartments: 1.275 units
  • Numbers of floors: 10 units
  • Number of lifts on one block: 4 lifts
  • Investor: Kusto Group
  • Constructor: Contecons
  • Architect: Diamond Island for rent project is the idea and designed by Arata Isozaki, a renowned architect from the country world sunrise (Japan).
  • Supervisor: The Ascott – Singapore
  • Time for completion: III/2018
Diamond Island Overall Introduction

Diamond Island Overall Introduction


Currently, Diamond Island apartments are handed over, the company has sold out 100%

Only the cheapest transfer from 2.8 billion

diamond island

  • Selling 1 bedrooms: area 51 – 56 m2, price for sale: 2.8 – 3.15 billion (including expenses)
  • Selling 2 bedrooms: area 89 – 96 m2, price: 4.5 – 5.5 billion (including expenses)
  • Sale of 3 bedrooms: area 117-119 m2 or 137-142 m2, price: 5.5 – 6.6 – 7 billion (including all costs)
  • Sale of 4 bedrooms: area 163-169 m2, price: 11-12 billion (including all costs)
  • Sale of dual key 2 key: area 137-142 m2, price: 6.8 – 7.2 billion (including all costs)
  • For rent, 1 bedroom 55 m2, fully furnished, 17 million / groin
  • For rent 2 bedrooms 90 m2, fully furnished, price 28 million / month
  • For rent 3 bedroom: 120 m2, fully furnished, 35 million / month

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diamond island

Diamond Island district 2 located on 3 sides of the river so fresh air is very cool. Construction density is very low, only about 13.5% in 8 hectares of the whole project. Therefore, green density is very high (16 m2 / the river environment is good for the health of the family, children and the elderly. On the other hand, the utilities at Diamond Island are extremely rich and new to ensure the residents have a completely different experience compared to other projects:

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  • Diamond Island HCMC locates in the most desirable Residential area in the new Suburban of An Phu (Thao Dien area), District 2.
  • 5 kilometers away from Central Business District (District 1) and convenient access to the District 1, Binh Thanh, District 9 via national Hanoi Highway or upcoming new Road through Thu Thiem tunnel (connecting district 1 and 2 within 15 minutes driving)
  • Good environment surrounded by amenities, expatriate community, and high-class locals.
  • British International School, International School, ACG School, Metro Cash and Cary, Clinic and Hospital, Restaurants, Bars.

From Diamond Island, residents only can easily move to other locations as:

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  • Education: British International School, International School Ho Chi Minh City, European International School, Australian International School
  • Shopping & Entertainment: Vincom Mega Mall, Parkson, SnowTown D2 @ The CBD, Taekwang Jeosang country club
  • Restaurant & Coffee: Outfitted with its own restaurants, cafes, lounges, pool bars and a short distance from food options around Thao Dien
  • Medical: Phu An Khang and District 2 Hospital and Family Medical Centre in Thao Dien

Riverfront properties always have one of the highest values. Diamond Island District 2 is the only riverfront project in Ho Chi Minh City that offers unbeatable 360-degree views over the Saigon and Giong Ong To rivers as well as Bitexco. In addition, the fresh air makes it a desirable choice for multi-generational families.


diamond island

According to the plan, the towers of the Diamond Island for rent project will include: Brilliant Tower (250 units), Hawaiian Tower (206 units), Bora Bora Tower (264 units), Bahamas Tower Including 206 units), the Maldives Tower (214 units) and the Canary Tower (Expected to be Office Tel).

The land is limited, especially in large cities like Ho Chi Minh City. Diamond Island District 2 occupies an area of eight hectares, with 87.5 percent dedicated to green spaces. This means that almost every square meter belongs exclusively to the residents and is designed for the benefit of children, parents, and grandparents. The list of amenities includes a 2,300sqm resort pool for kids, BBQ gardens, a Zen garden, and outdoor library and a promenade.

Ground overall Diamond Island

Furthermore, apartment for lease in District 2 there are corridors between buildings, the wind easily circulated, circulated to every corner of the house. Create your home with a spacious, cool wind.

Design Diamond Island condo was held, designed by international architectural competition with the participation of 15 leading companies. Impressive of this residence is the design style “Beehive missed”. The blocks are subdivided, each house is guaranteed to have at least two views of space.

diamond island apartment


diamond island

Ground HawaiiBora BoraBahamasMaldivesBrilliant

Ground Hawaii

  • Apartment for rent in district 2
  • Number of floors: 25 floors.
  • The number of apartments: 177 apartments.
  • Many areas to choose from: 55 m2 – 450 m2. Designed from 1 to 4 bedrooms.
  • 1-bedroom apartment: 55 m2.
  • 2-bedroom apartment: 89 m2.
  •  3-bedroom apartment: 120 m2.
  • Duplex Villa: 180-450 m2.
  • Price From 2.2 billion / 1 bedroom apartment.
  • Price from 40 -45 million / m2.

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Bora Bora

  • Number of floors: 29 floors
  • Number of apartments: 261  apartments.
  • Pool area: 2.300m2
  • Many areas to choose from: 82.28 m2 – 392.70.
  • + 2-bedroom apartment: 125 units, area: 82.28– 89.88 m2.
  • + 3-bedroom apartment: 100 units, area: 117.48 – 119.61 m2.
  • + Pool Villa: 3 units, area: 338.93– 378.99 m2.
  • + Garden villa: 5 units, area: 161.93– 207.26
  • + Sky Villa: 3 units, area: 301.59– 392.70

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Number of floors: 29 floors

Number of apartments: 209  apartments.

Many areas to choose from: 89 m2 – 308m2

+ 2-bedroom apartment: area 89-91m2
+ 3-bedroom apartment: area 117m2
+ Dual Key: area 143m2
+ 4-bedroom apartment: 167m2
+ Duplex: area 308m2

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Include Type 1 bedroom apartment (in limited quantities), 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom. Please call us for advice and to send details of the project MOST BEAUTIFUL tower Diamond Island.

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  • Number of apartments: 250 apartments. Designed from: 1 to 4 bedrooms and Dulex apartments, Poll Villa apartments, Sky Villa apartments
  • Utilities: pool overflowed, riverside park, Water Taxi, marina, Cafe garden.

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diamond island

Resort – Style apartment design: All units enjoy large panoramic windows maximizing the views and natural light, double view living rooms available 2 BR units and up. Wide & open public space together with beautiful landscape. Diamond Island HCMC provides the best ever an environment for family activities, making the most of your time.

apartment for rent in district 2

Apartment for rent in district 2

Diamond Island apartment for rent District 2 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, it is on the 18th floor has an area of 124m2 consisting of 2 bedrooms, River view Saigon, Protected Forest city center. Diamond Island apartment was fully furnished, beautiful, extremely high-end, 100 % new apartment for rent. Customers can move in immediately. Rental apartments: $ 2,200 per month.

This fully furnished apartment is located on the 5th floor. 2 bedrooms with balcony, 2 bathrooms. Diamond Island for rent offers a luxurious, healthy and safe environment that is ideal for families of all generations. In a world where the highest values are accorded to properties that can boast of having a waterfront location, privacy, and space. Apartment for rent in district 2 $ 1,300 per month Including Management Fees.

diamond island apartment- 2 bedrooms

apartment 2 bedrooms

diamond island apartment – 3 bedrooms

Diamond Island Apartments For rent in District 2 – 3 bedrooms with balcony, 3 bathrooms, 1 maid room. Diamond Island occupies an area of eight hectares, with 87.5 percent dedicated to green spaces. The list of amenities includes a 2,300sqm resort pool for kids, BBQ gardens, a Zen garden, and outdoor library and a promenade. Apartment for rent in district 2 with river views $ 1,400 per month Including Management Fees.

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diamond island

Apartment Diamond Island is designed as a paradise resort-style resort. We understand that you would do everything for your family, and we feel that the place you call home should be no less. Easily reachable within 10 minutes from District 1 by car or water taxi, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make Diamond Island your family’s island.

 Diamond Island Apartment area

Layout system internal facility


  • Supermarket
  • Music and Art academy
  • International Preschool
  • Kids club and Wonderland playground
  • Sports hub with tennis, badminton and multifunctional courts
  • Sancy Spa
  • Amphitheater
  • Child care centre
  • Sun Library
  • Yoga area and Zen gardens
  • Kid’s water park
  • BBQ garden
  • Infinity, Resort and Olympic pools
  • Boat wharf
Not only own categories impressive internal facility, which at the project level apartment Diamond Island (apartment for lease in District 2), you also experience a range of foreign destinations combined advanced utility and diverse.

  • 2300 m2 swimming pool largest resort Saigon, Pool Bar, Olympic swimming pool, children’s pool, water park Children … absolutely treated with natural minerals ensure good skin health and
  • Zone fun outdoor activities: Castle astronomy, libraries sun, cinema outdoor
  • Restaurant & cafe riverside, fitness area outdoor access the waterfront, sports complex (mini Golf, Tennis, badminton, football, basketball …)
  • Gym, Sapa, meditation garden, yoga, parks and community kindergartens …
  • Marina Bay Marina, water taxi service, bus service for free Residents move quickly to District 1 of the city center and the surrounding area.

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diamond island

Diamond Island Apartment price estimates from 1800 to 2200 USD/m2. One bedroom apartment price: 100.000 USD/unit. Compared to the other luxury apartments, Diamond Island apartment prices quite reasonable.

Sales policies and incentives months when customers subscribe to Diamond Island apartment.

  • Deposit 100 million
  • 15 days after payment of 10% includes the deposit
  • Next 3 months 5% payment until receiving the Q3 / 2018 was 30%
  • At the time of receiving the next customer pays 65%
  • The remaining 5% receive the pink book.

However, if customers choose the payment method will soon be discounted at the following rates:

Value Payment / Payment% Discount (before tax) / Discount (Before VAT)
30% 1.5%
50% 4.5%
70% 7.5%
95% 10%

Customers invest Diamond Island Diamond Island apartment will enjoy is extremely preferential loan package:

  • Free principal payment in the first year
  • Interest rate of 0% within 24 months
  • Free early repayment within the first 2 years
  • Promotions on the occasion of the opening sale

1 / For Hawaii Diamond Island Tower

– Customers will get a discount of 2% when buying an apartment tower Hawaii Diamond Island project

2 / For the Diamond Tower Bora Bora Island

Customers will receive a special discount of about opening day sale on Diamond Island

  • Just 3% discount for customers to buy one apartment
  • 4% discount to customers who purchase two apartments
  • Client tools will be discounted by 1%

Lucky draw program when buying apartments Phase II Diamond Island

All customers who choose to buy apartments Phase II will have an opportunity for the prize draw for the following:

  • Award-winning special 1 bedroom apartments worth 2.5 billion
  • League resort island of Bora Bora in France worth 150 million
  • Prize-winning 3 iPhone 7


diamond island

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  • Investor Kusto Brands global real estate, financial and powerful experience
  • Built by Coteccons, general contractor building the prestige, top quality Việt Nam
  • Guarantee projects by Techcombank, the largest commercial bank in Vietnam reputable and experienced real estate development
  • Project manager by Ascott, project development consultant by Lloyds Properties
  • Designed by Arata for the review, NQH for furniture and landscaping, project manager Artelier
  • The consultant supervising the leading French in Vietnam.